Grantland: The Ignored Evolution of the Sixers

Via Grantland

“Every think piece on the Sixers’ tanking binge anxiously mentions how Philly’s players could absorb “losing habits” as they trudge through the season as permanent underdogs.

No one seems to know exactly what “losing habits” are. They appear to be some toxic mix of sloth and greed: Henry Sims and Brandon Davies1experimenting with 3-point shots they should probably bag, or Michael Carter-Williams hoisting wild layups instead of involving his inferior teammates.

Theoretical “losing habits” take root in an environment that is both permissive and lacking in accountability. Sims can test his range if wins matter less than him developing into a tradable asset. Carter-Williams can chuck away without fear that Brett Brown, the team’s head coach, might shift some of his minutes to a quality backup.”

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