2015 NBA Draft Prospect: Devin Booker

2015 NBA Draft Prospect: Devin Booker


Name: Devin Booker
Position: SG
School: Kentucky
Height: 6’6″
Weight: 206


  • Strength 1 — Shooting: One of the best pure shooters in this year’s draft. Shot 41% from 3 this past season. Great mechanics with a very quick release that stretches out to NBA range.
  • Strength 2 — Defense: Good effort on defensive end. Puts constant pressure on the ball. His size helps him get physical with bigger players.
  • Strength 3 — High IQ: Booker has a very good feel for the game. Takes high percentage shots. Willingness to make the extra pass. Understands how to space the floor.


  • Weakness 1 — Ability to Create Offense: Being on a stacked Kentucky team limited Booker’s opportunities to show more of an offensive game. He fit into his role well but can he do more than shoot? Booker did show flashes of being a scorer but it only came in spurts. Will be interesting to see how he develops his game at the next level.
  • Weakness 2 — Explosiveness: Booker is an athletic guard but didn’t really showcase any type of explosiveness that was off the charts. Lack of an explosive first step may make it difficult for him to get past defenders.
  • Weakness 3 — Attacking the Rim: Didn’t get to the free throw line often. Has to show the ability to beat defenders and get to the rim.

Scouting Video:  

NBA Player Comparison: Klay Thompson

Projected Draft Position:
Pick 11-14