2015 NBA Draft Prospect: Michael Qualls

2015 NBA Draft Prospect: Michael Qualls


Name: Michael Qualls
Position: SG
School: Arkansas
Height: 6’6″
Weight: 210


  • Strength 1 — Hops & Length: Qualls stands at 6’5” but has a very long wingspan at 6’11”. Add that to his freaking leaping ability and you have a player that can become a hazard on both ends of the floor. On the offensive end, Qualls has a long hang time that allows him to free up in air from his defender.
  • Strength 2 — Rebounds: Qualls is a great rebounder for a player at his position (5.3 per game). With his great leaping ability and freakish wingspan (see above) he is able to separate from his assignment especially on the offensive glass.
  • Strength 3 — Progress: As a junior with Arkansas, Qualls averaged 15.9 PPG shooting at 43% from the field. Although 43% is nothing to brag about, Qualls progressively got better each year (.401, .429 and .436). He is a focused mature player who only wants to get better. Very Coachable and willing to learn.


  • Weakness 1 — Forces Shots: Qualls is a player that has never really been able to create his own offense therefore he makes really bad choices with his shot selections. Relies too much on a jump shot that isn’t really there to begin with. Must learn a way to harness the skills that he has instead of forcing the ones that he doesn’t.
  • Weakness 2 — Handles and Footwork: Flat out and to the point, he needs to tighten up his offensive handles and his defensive footwork. If not, a lot of offensive turnovers and a lot of defensive blown assignments.
  • Weakness 3 — Get Better Defensively: Not to call Qualls a bad defender, but his steals (0.9 per game) and blocks (0.5 per game) are very low averages for a wingman. He needs to anticipate better and get his footwork in check.

*Injured: Tore his ACL in workouts on 06-11-2015.

Scouting Video:  

NBA Player Comparison: Shawn Marion

Projected Draft Position:
Late 2nd Round (may not get drafted due to injury)