2015 NBA Draft Prospect: Trey Lyles

2015 NBA Draft Prospect: Trey Lyles


Name: Trey Lyles
Position: PF
School: Kentucky
Height: 6’10”
Weight: 241 lbs


  • Strength 1 — Prototypical Build: Has prototypical build for a power forward with height, weight, and excellent length.
  • Strength 2 — Offensive Versatility: Can create from perimeter and in post. Can knock down perimeter shots and can put the ball on the floor.
  • Strength 3 — Passing Ability: Able to find open men easily. Does not force poor shots but moves it to open teammates.


  • Weakness 1 — Explosiveness: Not a high leaper and does not have quick first step.
  • Weakness 2 — Defensive Ambiguity: Not quick enough to guard small forwards but not strong enough to guard power forwards.
  • Weakness 3 — Defensive Awareness: Has limited defensive awareness which is demonstrated by low steal and block rates per 40 mins. pace adjusted.

Scouting Video:

NBA Player Comparison: Carlos Boozer

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