2015 NFL Preseason Outlook: WASHINGTON REDSKINS

2015 NFL Preseason Outlook: WASHINGTON REDSKINS



Key Additions: OG Brandon Scherff, RB Matt Jones

Key Losses: None

2014 Record: 4-12 (2-4 Division)

The Redskins…… So far in 2015, the Redskins have not made a lot of moves to improve their ball club. Robert Griffin III is waiting for a chance to reclaim his starting QB position for good and nobody knows if that will happen. Alfred Morris has been solid, but really, the only thing the Redskins fans have to look forward to is Desean Jackson putting his foot on the Eagles neck twice a year. It appears the entire NFC East has gotten better but the Washington Redskins remain in question. Somebody needs to step up at quarterback by getting Pierre Garçon and Desean the ball. The defense also needs to play as a unit but I think it will be another ugly year in D.C.