The NFL Off-season in a Nutshell

The NFL Off-season in a Nutshell

By: Robert L. Porter Jr.

As the NFL season is all set to kickoff tonight, we look back at an off season that was like no other.


This offseason started the very second the Super Bowl ended, with a post game interview that saw Panthers QB and NFL MVP Cam Newton walk off the podium. After constant speculation of why he did so, it was uncovered that an obvious mistake by the NFL putting both teams podiums basically back-to-back and Newton reportedly heard members of the Broncos team verbally bashing him.


The NFL draft featured a sideshow starring Laremy Tunsil. In an attempt to discredit or extort the Ole Miss product, someone posted a video of him smoking Marijuana through a gas mask then text messages between Tunsil and an Ole Miss coach where Tunsil requests money. Ezekiel Elliott’s crop top was also a hot topic at the draft.


Prior to the Tunsil draft high jacking, the Philadelphia Eagles GM Howie Roseman looked to eradicate any memory of the Chip Kelly Era. The Eagles traded, traded then traded some more. They traded up to the number 8 pick then traded again up to the number 2 pick and ultimately drafted QB Carson Wentz. Just last week the Eagles would trade starter Sam Bradford to Minnesota just 8 days before their season opener, naming Wentz the opening game starter.


That trade was on the heels QB Teddy Bridgewater tearing up his knee in practice. Speaking of QB injuries, Cowboys QB Tony Romo broke a bone in his back on a play that looked fairly routine. This break puts Romo’s playing future in question. Also putting his playing future in question is Rookie QB Dak Prescott, who tore up the preseason and now will try to do the same when the games count as he will be thrust into the starting role vs the Giants.


San Francisco QB Colin Kaepernick made a stand by deciding to sit during the national anthem. This protest is being met with mixed reaction. No matter the thought or feel about his actions, freedom of speech is one of the liberties of the USA and he is using his platform to right what he feels is a wrong in our country.

DE Joey Bosa held out until a few days ago then we found out he’s hurt. On a more sad note, We lost coach Dennis Green this off-season, a long time mainstay in the NFL. He will be missed

In the 213 days between meaningful football, these were the stories that football fans had to endure. Well my friend all that is over and its time for some football. The off-season is behind us and you can continue your life minus the NFL soap Opera.