Bittersweet win.


As you may know by now the New England Patriots won their week two match up 31-24 against the Miami Dolphins. They played an amazing first half, and Jimmy G was locked in throwing for 3 touchdowns and 200+ yards, but things turned out to be too good to be true.

Garropolo was hurt late in the second quarter on an amazing play where he avoided contact, rolled right, and connected with Malcolm Mitchell for a first down. Jimmy then just got hit clean and hard as he released the ball, by Kiko Alonso, and as he was driven to the ground he landed on his throwing shoulder pretty badly. The result of the hit is reported to be a sprained AC joint, but still needs further evaluation. Not exactly what you want your starting QB to be suffering from.


The injury forced the Patriots to change the entire game plan for the second half. They put in first year, 3rd round draft pick, quarterback Jacoby Brisset. It most definitely helped Miami make it a closer game then it initially appeared. The Patriots had to run the ball allot more then usual, the reason why LeGarrette Blount had 123 yards on 29 carries. The plan made sense, run to take up time and keep Jacoby Brissett throwing the ball to a minimum, why he only had 9 pass attempts. I sure hope this isn’t the game plan Thursday against Houston, or its gonna be a long night.

With Jimmy G most likely out for the rest of Tom Brady’s suspension, the job will be in Jacoby Brisset’s hands for the next two games. This would make him the first rookie QB to start for New England since Drew Bledsoe back in Week 18 of the 94′ season. Brissett played pretty well for being thrust into the Patriots home opener unexpectedly and like I said before, he showed promise during the pre-season. The downside to all of that was he hadn’t taken a single snap with the first team. So from what little Brissett showed on Sunday, I can see the loss that’s coming this week to the Texans, not being as bad as one would think.

Yes, I said it. The Patriots are going to lose this Thursday, not because of lack of talent, but because of lack of preperation. When you spend an entire off season focusing on preparing Brady’s back up to start, you’re not really giving the back-up’s, back-up, much attention. I’ll get into that more on Wednesday, for today let us just focus on the 2-0 record and how its only 2 weeks ’til No.12 returns.


Free Brady! Homer out.