Indians and Cubs Lock Horns in the World Series

Indians and Cubs Lock Horns in the World Series

By: James Kelly Jr. – @KellyJLive

World Series – Cleveland Indians vs. Chicago Cubs

As the late Harry Caray once said : ” Someday the Chicago Cubs are going to be in the World Series “.  Well folks, today is that day.  The Cleveland Indians and the Chicago Cubs are set to meet in the World Series, and game one is tonight in Cleveland.  The last time the Cubs graced the World Series with their presence was 1945, when they were beaten by the Detroit Tigers in seven games.  The Indians haven’t seen the last dance since 1997, when the squad full of stars like : Manny Ramirez, Jim Thome and Charles Nagy were up ended by Jim Leyland’s upstart, Florida Marlins, in seven games as well.

For manager, Terry Francona’s tribe, it has been a tough year, riddled with injuries to key players.  Slugger, Michael Brantley has been out since the beginning of the 2016 season.  He won’t be returning until 2017.  Game one starter, Corey Kluber spent some time on the shelf as well.  All the while, the Indians remained in contention all season, persevering through whatever came their way.  In spite of it all, through some key additions, the Indians now find themselves representing the American League in the World Series.


Both clubs will be receiving welcome additions returning from the disabled list.  The Cubs will have the services of Kyle Schwarber as a designated hitter.  Schwarber was injured back in April, and is coming off knee surgery.  Cleveland pitcher, Danny Salazar, is also healthy, and has been added to the Indians roster.


These two teams are very different, yet somewhat similar.  Manager, Joe Maddon’s Cubs, tear the cover off the ball, and for the most part, rely on the long ball to get it done.  The new age Bash Brothers, Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo, are proof of that.  There is power up and down that Chicago lineup, and they have shown that throughout the postseason thus far.  The Indians, led by all-star shortstop, Francisco Lindor, are patient at the plate, love the power alleys, and are very aggressive on the base paths.


The pitching is just downright filthy on both sides, from the starters to the back end of each bullpen.  The Indians have leaned heavily on Andrew Miller, who they acquired in a mid-season trade with the Yankees.  Ironically, the Chicago Cubs acquired their own smoke machine, Aroldis Chapman, from the Yankees as well, in yet another deadline deal.  Both, have been vital to their team’s success.


Cleveland’s game 1 starter, Corey Kluber is 2-1 this postseason, with a microscopic ERA of .089.  For the Cubs, it will be Jon Lester, who is no stranger to big October stages.  Lester is 2-0, and has an even better ERA of .086.  Something either has to give, or we’re in for alot of 1-0 games this series.