Week 10. Patriots vs Seahawks


The bye week has ended in New England and its time to play football again. What better way to come off a bye then to play against the team you defeated in super bowl XLIX. The Seattle Seahawks come to The Razor to try and give Tom Brady his first loss of the season. How can they do that you say? They need to figure out their ground game.


Seattle’s running attack has not been up to par, we can thank Marshawn Lynch for that one Pat’s nation. But even Russell Wilson hasn’t been able to get it going with his legs. He’s gone from a 5.2 yards a carry last season, to just 1.9 this season, and only 54 yards total rushing through 8 games. If seattle wants a shot at winning at Gillette, Pete Caroll and company need to figure out how they can get the ground game going. With Seattles run game being so bad, its going to be up to Wilson’s arm moving the ball and their defense stopping Brady. A little too much to ask when playing on the road if you ask me.


New England just needs to keep on keeping on. Hopefully this bye week didn’t effect the groove the team has been in. If that isn’t the case, this will be a win for the Patriots. Brady has been locked in, robotic at times it seems. Seeing the entire field and finding receivers at the right moment. The Lethal Weapon bookends, Gronkowski and Bennett, have been nearly impossible to stop or cover, where one isn’t open the other is, that off season signing with every game becomes more genius. So, no worries at all Pats nation.


So my obvious pick, The Patriots by a score, only because seattle scores late in the game. This is new but I’m going to pick the games MVP, and I believe this will be Edleman’s break out week, 100+ yards and a touchdown.

Homer out.