Lucky Number 7


Another, Tom Brady lead, Patriots team has made it to the Super Bowl, making this the 7th time in his career making it to the big game. The teams defeat of the Steelers brings his AFC Championship record to 7-4 with three of those losses coming to the eventual Superbowl champions. It’s just mind blowing when you think of it, especially since this also makes the New England Patriots the all-time leaders in Superbowl appearances with 9 AFC Titles, we’ll ignore the 4-4 record. Their opponent, you ask? The high powered Atlanta Falcons. Lead by Matt “Matty Ice” Ryan, Boston College’s finest QB product since Doug Flutie, Ryan lead the Falcons to embarrass a very good Packers team in the NFC championship. A Packers team that was on fire coming into the playoffs and who had just upset the Cowboys in Dallas. Green Bay’s injuries finally caught up with them though and the Falcons took advantage all day long to their 2nd NFC title in franchise history.

Febuary 5th will make this the 6th time in Superbowl history that the 1# scoring offense[Atlanta] will be playing the 1# scoring defense[New England].


As you can see the record between the two is 4-1 defense. So will Atlanta break the trend or will New England continue it.


Atlanta is looking to win their first title in franchise history, and if they want to do that they will need to continue what they’ve been doing all year long, scoring quick and fast with their prolific passing attack. If Matty Ice can continue to spread the ball like he did in the regular season, they could possibly have another blow out. He broke the single season record for touchdowns to different receivers with 13, so he can definetely move the ball around. The biggest goal in the end should be to get their run game going early to open up the passing game that much more and then look out. The defense needs to contain the run, if they let Dion Lewis and Lagarrette Blount rip off yards at a time it’ll just make 3rd down that much easier for New England, and keep Matt Ryan off the field. If they can come hard and stall New England, they just might get that first title


New England is seeking their 5th title, which will make them the third franchise in NFL history to do so. Tom Brady is seeking to be the first quarterback in history to have won five superbowls, and the second player in history to do so, joining Charles Haley. If this team wants to accomplish this, the defense will need to shut-down Matt Ryan, give him no time to observe the field, force him to make poor decisions, and they can not afford to let Julio Jones break free. Malcom Butler will have the task to try and keep Jones out of the game for Atlanta as much as possible. The offense will need to eat up clock and can not settle for field goals, and absolutely can not turn the ball over, they don’t want Matt Ryan to have the ball longer then he should.


I believe this game will be another classic. Both the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons are going to show up ready to fight tooth and nail for that title. In the end though, I believe Matt Patricia and Bill Belichick will make the game plan needed to baffle Atlanta. Much like the Giants did to the Patriots in 2007, the game will be close, but low scoring. My prediction, 20-17 Patriots with the lead taken late in the game.

Let’s make history boys.
Homer out.