Art Rooney releases statement after his father Dan's death

Art Rooney releases statement after his father Dan’s death


Thursday was a sad day for the football world, but an even more sad day for the Rooney family.

After the passing of Dan Rooney, the former owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers, his son and current team president Art Rooney II released a short statement expressing his family’s feelings.

It is a sad day for my family and me. My father meant so much to all of us, and so much to so many past and present members of the Steelers organization. He gave his heart and soul to the Steelers, the National Football League, and the City of Pittsburgh.

We will celebrate his life and the many ways he left us in a better place.

Dan passed down ownership of the team to his son Art Rooney II in 2003. Dan originally took over the Steelers in 1975 from his father – and team founder – Art.