The Carnage of Christian Carto

The Carnage of Christian Carto

Written and photographed by Eric Iraheta

Philadelphia is a city of fighters, they are as common as the cracks in the concrete in the City of Brotherly Love. Boxing gyms are on every corner, everybody trains and everybody fights. This city lives, breathes and bleeds boxing, and right now, there is one fighter that is carving his way into the boxing world; that fighter is Christian Carto. Now, at first glance, you may not think much. He is 20 years old, looks like he is 15, is very soft spoken and always has a welcoming, warm smile. Carto, by all accounts, looks like the All-American kid you could see in a Norman Rockwell painting. DO NOT BE FOOLED. He is an absolute pit bull in the ring and a force of nature with bad intentions when it comes to boxing. Carto unleashes hellish, unrelenting punishment on his opponents. That once warm, welcoming smile, now twisted into a blood thirsty look of determination. The same look a wolf gives when cornering his prey. Christian Carto is hungry and ready to feast.

Christian Carto is a fighter cut from a different cloth. Born into a family of fighters, forged by his families lineage, driven by the blood that flows in his veins, he is a fighter that carries TNT in his left hand and F5 tornados in his right. As an amateur, Carto had a sensational career capturing a Golden Glove National Championship at 108LBS in 2014 and a Pennsylvania Golden Glove Championship at 114LBS in 2015 and in 2016 was a Bronze Medalist in the Olympic Qualifiers.

Since turning professional in 2016, Christian has been on an absolute warpath, tearing through every one of his opponents without mercy. Nine fights, nine opponents, nine knockouts. In his fight against Christopher Nelson, Carto displayed blurring hand speed and devastating power as he completely flattened his opponent within 3 rounds, leaving Nelson on his back. Carto remains active, constantly improving his skills every time he steps between the ropes. Most recently, Carto was in the ring with Samuel Gutierrez, a seasoned journeyman fighter, that was supposed to give Carto his biggest test to date. Carto set the pace early with his ferocious jab and impeccable footwork, creating angles, making it impossible for Gutierrez to land anything meaningful. Carto was dominant and near perfect in his outing, ultimately adding Gutierrez to his list of consecutive knockouts.

One thing that separates Carto from other fighters is not just his spectacular abilities in the ring, but that at only 20 years of age, he understands that in order to be successful in the ring, he has to have the fan base to support him. So many fighters make themselves out to be superstars beyond reach, as if the fans should be grateful to be in their company. Christian is the exact opposite. Whether it is signing autographs ringside or taking photos with his fans in public, he keeps himself available and accessible as much as possible. Recently Carto took the time to pose with a young fan, a moment that young fight fan will grow up and cherish for years to come.

Boxing is an unforgiving sport. The climb to becoming a world champion is a grueling, cruel and agonizing journey that many fighters embark on, yet rarely achieve. A fighter can have all the talent in the world, but the politics of the sport and the corrupt individuals that contaminate it, continuously place roadblocks in the way of the fighters that are not backed by the bigger, more glamorous promoters. A fighter can have all the tools to be a world champion, but if he is not surrounded by people who have the fighters best intentions in mind, they never stands a chance in this business. That is why Christian’s older brother and best friend, Frank Jr., is also his manager. Frank Jr. has done a great job so far keeping his brother busy, safe and always in a position to better his career. Frankie was a fighter himself at one point and he knows what it takes for his brother to succeed.

Christian Carto is still a very young fighter and his career is truly only just beginning. His opponents are journey level, at best, and all of his fights have been in front of a very supporting home based atmosphere, never venturing further then Atlantic City, NJ. In order for his career to grow, the borders of his map need to expand and the level of opposition needs to increase. With that said, he is only 20 years old and still in his “rookie” year. His team is doing it perfectly. Stay busy, beat your opponents, stay out of danger and let your name grow.

Carnage is defined as the slaughter of a great number of people, as in battle; butchery; massacre. Since July of 2016 Carto has unleashed carnage on the boxing world with no apparent end in sight. He is relentless, he is Philly, he is Christian Carto.

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