ICYMI: Errol Spence Junior Becomes IBF Welterweight Champion of The World

Errol Spence Junior (22-0 19 KO’s) faced and overcame his hardest test by stopping Kell Brook in the 11th round and capturing the IBF Championship of the world. Kell Brook stood tall in front of 27,000 rabid Sheffield fans at the famed Bramall Lane Football Campgrounds and gave the challenger the hardest fight of his young career.

Kell Brook (36-2 25 KO’s) looked sharp through the early part of the fight, countering beautifully against the body-hunting Errol Spence Jr. Kell Brook would land heavy shots that would not only hurt Spence but would send the crowd in a furious uproar. Showtime’s Boxing unofficial score keeper Steve Farhood had the first 5 rounds 4-1 in favor of Brooks ( we scored it 3-2 Brooks).

However it was the body assault of Spence that would ultimately undue the IBF Champion. Spence repeatedly attacked the body causing Brook to drop his hands, which allowed Spence to come over the top. Spence was able to land repeated right hands that caused severe damage to Brooks left eye.

The 10th round showed spectacular action as both Spence and Brook exchanged heavy and dramatic punches. Spence hurt Brook in the opening 20 seconds of the round seemingly bringing the fight to an end. Brooks, powered by 27,000 screaming fans dug down to a depth I don’t believe even he knew existed and proceeded to turn the tide on Spence. Brook landed a ferocious right hand that hurt the surging Spence, which opened up the guard for Brook to land 3 more unanswered shots forcing Spence to hold. Although Brook showed heart, this was his last stand. After the smart clinch, Spence was able to settle in and continue his malicious assault on Brook’s lower body and then capitalizing up top with repeated right hands to the left eye.

Brook would attempt to go out in the 11th round but Spence knew what had to be done. In the first exchange Spence immediately targeted Brook’s left eye. Spence landed two flush shots that had Brook pawing at the eye, showing a clear sign of discomfort. With just under 2 minutes left, Spence landed a looping right hook that landed flush against Brook’s damaged eye. As soon as Spence went back in for the attack, Brook immediately took to a knee, covering the same damaged eye. Instead of subjecting his fighter to further damage, Brooks corner called off the fight and Spence was crowned the new IBF Champion of the world.