2017 NBA Draft Prospect: Frank Jackson

Name: Frank Jackson
Position: SG
School: Duke
Height: 6’4″
Weight: 208


  • Scoring: Frank Jackson was a 39.2% 3 point shooter last year at Duke. He scored in multiple ways. His catch and shoot ability is a great asset. Showed that he could take a defender off the dribble, get to the rim and finish strong. He’s a volume scorer that can fill it up.
  • Patience: A lot of young guys are all about getting out and running the break. Jackson is able to do that but he would also know when to slow the game down. Is very patient with the ball. Has a number of shifty hesitation moves to get him by his defender to create for his teammates and himself (more so for himself).
  • Strong: At 6’4″ and almost 210 pounds, Frank is a strong PG. He doesn’t mind taking contact to make a play. Has good lower body and explosion. Whether it was a huge dunk or a tough and 1, Frank always attacked the basket with strength.


  • Passing: Classified as the Blue Devils PG, Jackson only averaged 2.7 assist per 40 minutes. That’s the worst of this year’s PG prospects. More of a scoring PG, but to succeed at the next level, he will have to increase his playmaking ability. A little work should fix this. Has to buy into the facilitator role.
  • Fit: Like we mentioned before, 6’4″ is good size for an NBA PG, but Jackson is more of a combo guard/tweener and 6’4″ isn’t ideal for a SG. Will have a great deal of issues guarding bigger SGs. The NBA is transitioning to position less basketball, but until that evolution is complete, he will have trouble finding a niche with his size and skill set.
  • Consistency: In his freshman year at Duke, Jackson had a lot of ups and downs during the season. Can score the basketball, but his turnover-to-assist ratio is horrible for a PG. Really good shooter but did lose his stroke a few times last year. Must eliminate that. Taking care of the ball is huge at the next level. Turnovers lead to easy scores.