2017 NBA Draft Prospect: Frank Ntilikina

Name: Frank Ntilikina
Position: PG
School: Strasbourg (International)
Height: 6’5″
Weight: 170


  • Physical tools: Listed as 6’5″ with a 7’0″ wingspan, he has elite tools to play point guard. Size allows him to play against shooting guards too.  Can elevate in space
  • Defensive abilities: His physical tools allow him to smother smaller guards with pressure. Length creates a lot of steals and blocks against both guard positions. Is able to get shot off from different angles when he gets into lane due to length.
  • Transition upside: He is a problem in transition. He is unselfish and constantly looks to push the ball forward.


  • Point guard skills: Can run an offense but not for long stretches due to lack of handle and vision. Can see basic plays but struggles with more advanced point guard situations.
  • Shooting consistency: Has improved shot but is not consistent  enough yet to be a full time shooting guard. Release is long and slow. struggles on contested shots
  • Combo guard: Physically can play either position but does not have enough refined skills to play either guard position exclusively. Vision/creation abilities need refinement, specifically in half court, to be able to play point guard for extended amounts of time while shooting speed/consistency needs refinement to play shooting guard.