2017 NBA Draft Prospect: Justin Jackson

Name: Justin Jackson
Position: SF
School: UNC
Height: 6’8″
Weight: 193


  • Size: At 6’8″, Jackson has great size and length for the NBA. That size and length, combined with his near 7’0″ wingspan, gives him the ability to guard multiple positions on defense and also makes things happen on the offensive end. He’s a willing passer and that size allows him to see the floor really well to find his teammates.
  • Shooting: Jackson has a really nice mid-range game. He can also spot up from 3 and do damage as a floor spacer. Jump shot is good and also has a floater in the lane that is quick and hard to block. Averaged 18.7 PPG this past season, and despite a lower 3pt%, he showed the ability to shoot off the screen, as well as, catch and shoot. Can get hot and hit 3’s in waves.
  • Awareness: He is very in tune with the game. Doesn’t try to over do it on either side of the ball. Makes the plays that are given to him. Really savy on missed shots as he leaks out and runs in transition with the best of them. Good hands and has good on court knowledge.


  • Athleticism: He’s not really an explosive player. For his thin frame you’d expect him to be more of a jumper. The SF position is now the most athletic position on the NBA court. He may run into trouble trying to guard these SFs that can jump out of the gym.
  • Toughness: Going hand and hand with his lack of athleticism is his lack of toughness. Yes, his mid-range game is very good but part of that is out of necessity. He doesn’t get to the rim and finish as well as you’d hope due to his lack of strength. Doesn’t really embrace the contact so tends to fade on his shots a lot. On defense can be bullied by bigger opponents.
  • Age: In the NBA, it’s a common thought that if you stay in school then your not as good. Potential is the golden word at the NBA draft. A 22-year-old is said to already be closer to his ceiling than an 18 or 19-year-old. With that said, more college experience can hurt him on draft day.