2017 NBA Draft Prospect: Tyler Lydon

Name: Tyler Lydon
Position: SF/PF
School: Syracuse
Height: 6’10″
Weight: 225


  • Knowledge around the hoop: This consists of a number of variables. Tyler is a good rebounder, he also knows how to find his way to the goal. He can anticipate the lob and get his floater up in the lane. Not a bruiser around the rim but is very savy and smooth.
  • Shooting: Lydon had a 39.8 3pt% in his 2 years at Syracuse and also a 81% free throw percentage. The numbers speaks for themselves, but the fluidity of his shot, coupled with his smooth approach, suggests he’d be solid or at least a serviceable stretch 4 at the NBA level.
  • Defensive potential: The smoothness of his game could translate to the defensive side at the next level. Played zone at Syracuse but has shown that he could develop into a solid defender. Has good hands and gets tips in the passing lanes. At 6’10” has good length in the middle and averaged about 2 blocks per 40.


  • Getting his own shot: In the NBA, the stretch 4 is a floor spacer alot of times. Tyler will be good at that but there’s times when that shooter is ran off the 3 line and has to create a shot for himself. He may have trouble here because he’s not a good scorer off the dribble and lacks the strength to power his way to the basket.
  • Toughness: Has a tendency to shy away and try to avoid contact. Needs to embrace that contact and put his 81% FT shooting to good use. Not a great finisher in traffic and doesnt body up in the paint. He’s a savy rebounder but isn’t a tough rebounder. Can be pushed around the block at times.
  • Consistency: Is a really good shooter but seems too passive at certain points of the game, mostly when the opponent is playing a physical style of basketball. Disappears at times and defers to lesser scorers. Has to become more aggressive.