Tyrone Brunson Stops Kermit Cintron via 5th Round TKO Becoming the New Pennsylvania Junior Middleweight Champion

Tyrone Brunson Stops Kermit Cintron via 5th Round TKO Becoming the New Pennsylvania Junior Middleweight Champion

Written By Eric Iraheta
Photos By Mony Hin

In an action packed fight, Tyrone Brunson becomes the Pennsylvania Junior Middleweight Champion with a sensational knockout victory over Kermit Cintron live from the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, PA brought to you by King’s Promotions.

The championship bout, scheduled for 10 rounds was absolutely explosive, with both fighters scoring multiple knockdowns in a seesaw back and forth frenzy of violence.

Kermit Cintron (39-6-3 30 KO’s) started the fight calm and collected. Smooth from the opening bell flashing a brilliant jab that seemed to befuddle the Philly fighter. Brunson appeared to try to feel Cintron out, gathering himself into a good range to unleash his power. In doing so however, Brunson absorbed a large amount of punishment in the opening round.

As the second round got under way Cintron seemed to be in cruise control, landing his jab and following up with a hard right hand with repeated ease. Brunson would respond in the middle part of the round with a well timed two punch combo that landed flush on the jaw line of Cintron. Kermit was clearly hurt by the punches but seemed to have recovered quickly.

The third round was action packed starting with both fighters exchanging brutal combinations in the center of the ring. At this point in the fight Cintron has completely abandoned his jab, a mistake that will prove to be costly for Cintron. Without the jab Brunson is starting to open the guard of Cintron and landing big shots with no response from the Reading native.

In the 4th round Brunson came out swinging for the fences, landing a rib crushing left hook to the body followed up with a right hook to the jaw of Cintron. Both fighters are exchanging in pockets, with Brunson getting the better of his opponent. With 2 minutes eft in the round Kermit Cintron lunged at Brunson eating a looping right hand uppercut on the way in. Brunson and Cintron got tangled in the exchange causing both fighters to fall hard to the mat. When both fighters got back on their feet, Cintron was again lunging at Brunson, allowing Tyrone to counter with hard shots.

With little less than a minute left in the 4th round an over confident Brunson was caught with a jaw jarring left hook that sent him crumbling into the ropes. With the Crowd going crazy, Brunson was able to beat the 10 count and continue. As soon as Brunson was up, Kermit Cintron was all over him, smothering him with hard punches from all angles. Unable to withstand the barrage Brunson hit the canvas for the second time in the round with a hellacious left-right hook combination. Brunson miraculously was able to beat the count and survive the round.

As the 5th round got underway, everyone in the 2300 Arena was on their feet in anticipation of a possible knockout victory for Cintron. Kermit Cintron, overly confident, made a terrible mistake when he tried to finish Brunson with power shots instead of using the jab to set up the finishing punch.

Cintron, foolishly rushed the injured Brunson and got caught with a nasty right hand that dropped Cintron like a ton of bricks to the mat. Although smiling, Cintron was hurt badly, as he stood up his legs were all rubber. Cintron tried his best to tie up Brunson but to no avail. Brunson was a shark with blood in the water. He was all over the wounded Cintron. Brunson landed another crushing right hand that sent Kermit to the canvas for the second time. Kermit was able to beat the count, but one look from the referee and the fight was waved off.

Tyrone Brunson (25-6-2 23 KO’s) is now the Pennsylvania Junior Middleweight Champion. a title that means very little as Brunson’s mind is on one thing only…winning a World Title. With his knockout victory over Cintron, Brunson is one step closer to making that dream a reality.

Kermit Cintron’s future is in severe jeopardy with his most recent setback. Kermit and his corner will need to reassess and reevaluate their plans moving forward. Hopefully Kermit is able to get back on the right track but at this point in his career and at his age, it is almost safe to say, this may be the end of his career.