Red Sox All-Stars

The votes are in and the rosters are set for the 88th annual all-star game. This year, in Miami Florida, the Sox aren’t as well represented as they were last season, when they sent David Ortiz, Mookie Betts, Jackie Bradley Jr, and Xander Bogaerts who all started the game and also Stephen Wright and Craig Kimbrel were elected.

This year the Red Sox have no starters, and maybe only just 1 reserve to represent the organization. The reason I say maybe is because Xander Bogaerts can snag the last roster spot, but we need your votes. Mookie has been elected for the second year in a row to be an AL reserve with teammates Craig Kimbrel and Chris Sale who pending on how the Boston rotation plays out, could get the start for the American League.

Now let’s see why these guys were elected and deserve to go.

Mookie Betts

PA 365 League Leading
AB 322
AVG .286
2B 27 League Leading
R 56
HR 15
RBI 51
SB 15
TB 164
OBP .364
SLG .509
OPS .874

Now, even though Mookie’s average is down from last season, his league leading 27 doubles and his 15 home runs to go with them, shows he still has that power that help take the Sox to a division title. What I like most from this season is that he is getting more aggressive on the base paths by attempting to steal more often. If he can keep this up, Mookie may just have that 30-30 season that slip through his hands, much like the MVP, last season. Betts in the lead off has been working wonders and with games like his 2 home run 8 RBI slaughtering of the Blue Jays, he is there to stay. And let us not forget his amazing defense in the outfield this year showing us his range with so many spectacular plays.

Chris Sale

S 17
W 11
L 3
ERA 2.61
IP 120.2 League Leading
SO 166 League Leading
BB 22
BF 468 League Leading

Sale has been lights out from day one very much like I expected given his success in the past in the AL East. If it weren’t for the early run support issues he could have anywhere between 13-15 wins. The Sox haven’t seen as dominant a pitcher this since the early days of Pedro Martinez. Sale tied Martinez’s consecutive games with at least 10 Ks streak at 8, and has 11 total on the season. Thankfully the offense has figured it out, and is giving him the run support he needs to put value to these great outings. Chris Sale has settled in nicely in Boston and is yet again working on another great argument for the Cy Young this season.

Craig Kimbrel

G 34
W 2
L 0
SV 27 League Leading
ERA 1.01
IP 35.2
SO 64
BB 5
BF 126

Many questioned Kimbrel coming into the season and whether he could go back to being the dominant closer he had always been. He has answered, and has answered beautifully. He has been shutdown in the 9th, all season long, striking out batters and limiting base runners. Kimbrel hasn’t looked like this since his days in Atlanta where he was a 4 time all-star. He is currently leading the league in saves, where if he can finish the season in 1st it would be the 5th time in his career, and first time in the American League. Even though this is his 2nd all-star selection with the Red Sox, given his struggles the past couple seasons, this one is that much more sweeter.

Xander Bogaerts

PA 331
AB 303
BA .314
2B 20
3B 4
R 49
HR 5
RBI 39
SB 9
TB 138
OBP .366
SLG .455
OPS .821

Now Xander isn’t in yet so we need your votes.

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Bogaerts has been playing great and consistent all year long. He may not have the flashy numbers like other American League shortstops but his consistency at the plate shows his value to the team. Bogaerts career has been developing so nicely over the past few seasons that second all star selection in a row would be a great reward for all that hard work put in.

The Red Sox are still represented pretty nicely this year, and you bet they will be doing their part to get that home field advantage in the world series. The Sox currently have first place over the Yankees by 3 games in the AL East.

Homer out.