Thank you Robert Guerrero

Thank you Robert Guerrero

By Eric Iraheta

“I am announcing my retirement. Thanks to everyone—especially the fans. I hope you appreciated the guts & glory I left in the ring. God Bless”

These are the words Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero tweeted to the world following a 3rd round TKO loss at the hands of Omar Figueroa. This defeat made three consecutive losses for Guerrero, losing five of his last seven fights. His decision to retire is a smart decision, a decision that I admire but selfishly I have to admit, I hate. I loved watching Guerrero fight, I loved watching the passion he executed every time he was in the ring. He never backed down, he feared no man and was always willing to exchange punches.

Guerrero will retire with a record of 33-6-1 with 18 of his wins coming by way of knock out. He fought the best of the best, including Floyd Mayweather Jr., Keith Thurman, Danny Garcia, Joel Casamayor, Yoshihiro Kamegai, and Andre Berto. He captured world titles at 126 and 130 LBS, including an interim title at 135.

Fighters like Robert Guerrero are cut from a different cloth. They only come along once in a generation, if that. You see, Guerrero loved boxing. He lived, breathed and bled boxing everyday of his life with the hopes that one day he would hold his hand up as champion of the world. everything he had he gave to boxing and the fans that adored him. However, when his family needed him, being a true man, he gave up his love for boxing to stand by his family in one of the most difficult situations any family can face.

In 2007, in the prime of his career, Robert Guerrero’s wife and High school sweet heart Casey Guerrero was diagnosed with Leukemia. After several failed rounds of Chemotherapy her condition had deteriorated and her only hope of survival depended on a bone-marrow transplant. Guerrero took it upon himself to surrender his title and pass on the biggest fight of his career in order to stand by his wife as she faced the biggest battle of her life. Luckily, Casey was able to find a donor in Germany and has been Cancer free for close to seven years.

Guerrero proved his worth in the ring as a fighter the moment he laced up his gloves for the first time. Robert displayed his merit as a man with the way he stepped up for his family. The way he was willing to walk away from fame and fortune to be there by his wife side, to hold his childrens’ hands and assure them everything will be ok.

After his wife’s successful fight with cancer Guerrero returned to the ring and began to truly showcase his ferocious style for the world to see. Stringing together impressive victories over Joel Casamayor, Vicente Escobedo, Michael Katsidis, Selcuk Aydin and Andre Berto. Ultimately landing him a massive payday and world title shot with the great Floyd Mayweather Jr. Although losing a unanimous decision, Guerrero gave Floyd one hell of a fight and was able to land some hard punches against the uber-defensive “Money May”.

Robert Guerrero always showed grit, he always fought hard, he fought brutal, he got busy and he didn’t mind getting bloody. Guerrero’s match against Yoshihiro Kamegai is prime example of Guerrero’s heart and fortitude.

Every fighter’s career will come to an end. No matter how good, no matter how talented, eventually every fighter has to call it quits. What you do with your career will determine how you will be remembered. What you do with your time is what defines your legacy. Robert Guerrero’s legacy is intact, cemented. Guerrero is a fighter that will truly be missed and I for one wish him and his family all the best.

God Bless “Ghost”, thank you for everything you gave.