Mikey Garcia Dominates Adrien Broner Over 12 Rounds at the Barclay Center

Mikey Garcia Dominates Adrien Broner Over 12 Rounds at the Barclay Center

By. Eric Iraheta

Mikey Garcia was absolutely brilliant winning a Unanimous Decision victory over Adrien Broner and capturing the WBC Diamond Title live from Brooklyn, NY at the Barclay Center on Showtime presented by Premier Boxing Champions.

Mikey Garcia (37-0 30 KO’s) won on all three scorecards 117-111, 116-112, 116-112. Mikey was sensational from the start, staying poised and focused on his opponent, cutting off the ring with insane effectiveness.

Adrien Broner would start the fight with a mobile mentality attempting to keep moving in an attempt to keep Garcia guessing. Garcia would have no part of that. The first round showed both fighters mainly sizing each other up, measuring their distances in hopes to find the opening in each others guards. Garcia would be the first to find that opening, using his jab to slip the guard of Broner opening the right hook to the body, a punch that would prove vital over the course of the fight.

In the second round it was very clear that Garcia had found his range and proceeded to pepper Broner with jabs and lead rights to the head then following up with the hooks to the body. Garcia, generally known for his head hunting approach, added the body attack to his arsenal and truly looked like the gun-slinger from the dark tower. Garcia was firing punches from all angles, confusing and frustrating Broner early on.

At the end of the 3rd round, ringside announcer and former two time world champion Paulie Malignaggi mentioned he heard Broner telling his corner “I figured him out, I got this”. A comment that made Malignaggi believe that Adrien may have found a chink in the Mexican Americans armor. However, the comments proved to be nothing more than words. Garcia continued his near perfect approach, showcasing his amazing technical prowess and his unbelievable ability to attack on any foot. Every attempt Broner made to use the ring was cut off by Garcia’s phenomenal footwork. Garcia stalked Broner all night trapping him in the corner or backing him into the ropes, always firing and landing first against the former four time world champion.

Broner showed his best work in the later rounds landing a possible nose breaking right hook against Garcia to close the 9th round. Mikey returned to his corner bleeding from both nostrils clearly bothered by the right hand. By this point of the fight Broner had abandoned his newly found bouncing style and returned to his flat-footed, stand in front approach and was able to find some success. In the 10th round Broner landed his best punch all night, a left hook that stopped Garcia in his tracks. Garcia showed an amazing chin and kept coming forward, unfazed by the brutal shot. Garcia responded by landing a beautiful five punch combination against the ropes to close the round.

The 11th and 12th round showcased two fighters exchanging head to head, each showcasing pockets of success. In the final seconds of the 12th round, Garcia seemingly coasting to a unanimous decision chose to give the fans in attendance what they paid for and stood in front of Broner throwing punches until the final bell.

Garcia’s used this fight to introduce himself to the world. After the fight Mikey Garcia was asked about his view on the match. “This is definitely one of my best performances ever,” Garcia said. “I think I controlled the fight in the early rounds and I kept the activity up. Broner is a great fighter who has great skills. I was the superior fighter tonight.”

When asked what was the difference in the fight; “It was the timing,” Garcia said. “I’ve always said I have very good timing. It is underestimated when you are outside the ring but once you get inside the ring with me, I’m a step ahead. We trained for 10 weeks. We had a great training camp and great sparring. We knew it was going to be a tough fight so we had to be in great shape. It was part of the strategy to be a little busier than the fights I have previously had.”

Broner who at first appeared to show grace in his defeat, applauding Garcia upon hearing the decision, quickly soured when asked if this was a “do or die” fight. He got irate and in a expletive ridden rant stated “if I fight tomorrow these mother_ckers would still come and see me”. He also lost point insinuating Garcia was running all night when he said “It was Tom and Jerry. I had to catch the mouse,”. An odd comment especially since it was Garcia who was chasing down Broner all night.

Adrien Broner (33-3 24 KO’s) has lost all three fights by big margins when facing a world class fighter. However at only 28 years of age he has plenty of time to reassess his career moving forward and should be able to bounce back. Broner may have lost a lop-sided decision but credit has to go to the immense talent of Mikey Garcia not the lack of talent of Broner. Adrien biggest issue again came with his inability to remain active for entire rounds. Per compubox both fighters landed 31% of their punches. However, Broner landed only 125 punches out of 400 thrown. Thats an average of 33 puncher per round. Mikey Garcia on the other hand landed 244 out of 783, nearly doubling Broner’s output.

Garcia is in the prime of his career and he is ready for all comers and after such a sensational win he believes the sky is the limit. With names like Jorge Linares and Terence Crawford being mentioned Mikey stated “Anybody that wants to come join us on Showtime, give us a call. We are ready for anybody,” Garcia said. “Maybe I’ll go down to 135, stay at 140 or go up to 147.”