The Trade

Now as we all know a mega trade between the Boston Celtics and the Cleveland Cavaliers happened on 8/22. Kyrie Irving the 4x all-star got his requested trade from Cleveland, and the franchise got his much cheaper replacement in Isaiah Thomas, who averaged 28.9 pts a game this past season. The man who also broke the Celtics record for most 3 pointers in a season (245) and John Havlicek’s 45 year old record of consecutive games with 20+ points (43), also accomplished this past season.

Now the trade is a little lopsided, what makes the trade lopsided? Well Cleveland also gets the very valuable Brooklyn Nets #1 pick, which could be their future after LeBron James, along with the reliable Jae Crowder and big man Ante Zizic. Thats allot, especially with the lingering question, can Kyrie Irving be the guy to lead the Celts, and bring banner 18 to Boston?

The Celtics traded away team leader Isaiah Thomas. Who lead, let’s be honest, a ragtag team to the first #1 seed since the Big Three and a trip to the Eastern Conference finals, a team who’s center couldn’t even average 7 rebounds a game. He proved he could play under tough circumstances, and play well. Could he have been that guy? Maybe, but we’ll never know.

Irving has been an amazing player ever since he came into the league.

Career averages
21.6 points
5.5 assists
3.4 rebounds
1.3 steals

Just all around solid numbers. Absolutely nothing you can complain about, especially since he set a career high this past season with 25.2 pts a game. My only problem? he didn’t start winning untill LeBron James and several other ALL-STARs came to town and not only is that the case, but he also surrendered his team leader role.

Now I’ll admit it, I wasn’t a fan of the trade at first but after debating these questions in my head over the past couple of days. Can Kyrie Irving do the same as Isaiah? Can he win without a superstar team and a first ballot HOF teammate? My answer, yes he can. Not because of stats, not because he’s an all-star, but because he has that chip on his shoulder now, that chip to prove he can be that guy. Boston sports fans know all to well about a player having that chip there, Sir Tom Brady anyone? Kyrie has said he wants to be the face, he wants to be that guy who leads a team, he wants to win with out the, well you had Lebron argument. If he can use that to fuel his game and prove he’s a team leader. The Eastern conference better watch their backs

Boston’s General Manager, Danny Ainge, has put it all on the table. The Celtics did give up a little more then we fans wanted. The Nets draft pick being the major one, yes it was sad to see Isaiah go, but he had to, for Cleveland to have any interest in the trade. This team has improved with this acquisition of Kyrie Irving and with fellow newcomer Gordan Heyward, this team is going to be very fun to watch this coming season. Now if only we could find that rebounder.

Homer out.