ICYMI: Gabriel Rosado Stops Glen Tapia in the 6th

ICYMI: Gabriel Rosado Stops Glen Tapia in the 6th

Derrick Hogan – Hoganphotos/Golden Boy Promotions

Written by. Eric Iraheta

In a fight that was absolutely crucial to the careers of both Middleweight fighters, it was Gabriel Rosado (24-11 14 KO’s) that rose to the occasion in stopping Glen Tapia via KO in the 6th round Live on ESPN fights presented by Golden Boy Promotions in Las Vegas.

The first round started relatively good for Glen Tapia who was putting his punches together in decent combos attacking both the head and body of Rosado. As the round went on Rosado was able to find his range and was able to open Tapia’s guard with lead left hooks. Tapia oddly seemed shook up from the very first punch and retreated into a very timid approach which allowed Rosado to take full control.

The second round showed both fighters willing to exchange, land and take punches. Tapia started the round landing heavy shots to the body while Rosado focused on a piston like Jab to the nose of Tapia. With a minute left in the round Rosado would land a looping right hook that would send Tapia’s mouthguard flying across the ring. Rosado would also end the round with a powerful overhand right that staggers Tapia at the bell.

Tapia recovered nicely in the third round controlling the pace and landing good punches. Rosado however, would still be the aggressor and the fighter landing at a higher percentage. Tapia would suffer an apparent head butt in the 4th round that would lead to an extreme Hematoma on the left side of his forehead.

Glen Tapia clearly bothered by the severe swelling came into the the 5th round a distracted and weakened fighter. Gabriel showed his best work in years putting together punches in hard, accurate combinations that would rock Tapia all over the ring. The Rosado barrage got so one-sided at one point, Referee Robert Byrd looked at Tapia after a break and stated “You better show me something”.

Gabriel Rosado was able to overwhelm Glen Tapia and put him away in the 6th round. The beginning of the end started with a knockdown that came on the tail end of a masterful unanswered seven punch combo. Rosado started with a beautiful lead left hook that caught Tapia flush in the jaw then followed immediately with a straight right hand. Without hesitation Rosado squared up and attacked the body with malicious intent. Knowing Tapia was soft in the body, Rosado ended the combo with the punch that started it all, a left hook to the temple that sent Tapia crumbling into the turn buckle.

Tapia some how beat the count but was clearly damaged goods, staggering and stumbling with every step. As soon as the referee let the fight continue, Rosado would double land on a lead right hand sending Tapia backwards. Referee Robert Byrd had seen enough and waived off the fight with no dispute from the bloody and battered Glen Tapia.

Rosado, very confident after the fight had this to say; “Tapia’s the type of guy that when you hurt him, he’ll come forward,” said Rosado. “It was very important to get the win. It was important to make a statement, to be impressive, to put myself back into the mix. I want Canelo Alvarez, Danny Jacobs, or a rematch with David Lemieux. I want to prove that I still have something.”

Glen Tapia (23-5 15 KO’s) has not won a fight in over 2 years (March 2017) and has now dropped four bouts in a row. Tapia tired quickly, his defense was nonexistent and very punch landed seemed to hurt Tapia more than they actually should have. I think at this point in his career he should start considering his health and questioning his future in the sport of Boxing.