NFL Playoff Team Preview: TENNESSEE TITANS



2017 Record: 9-7 ( 5-1 in Division )

Passing offense rank: 23rd

Rushing offense rank: 15th

Passing defense rank: 25th

Rushing defense rank: 4th

The Tennessee Titans were able to sweep the division champ Jags and the 2nd win came on the last day of the regular to secure their first playoff appearance since 2008. The exotic smash mouth running attack they’ve implemented gave them some big wins early in the year. They beat teams like Seattle and Baltimore on their way to 9 wins.

The early wins were a huge help as they ended the season 1-3 but got some outside help to get in the playoffs. QB Marcus Mariota hasn’t had a great year as he’s thrown more interceptions than touchdowns and RB DeMarco Murray has had a down year where he’s ran for a mere 659 yards on a 3.6 yards per carry average. The defense was led by Safety Kevin Byard who was tied for the league lead in interceptions with 8.

Tennessee has the skilled players to give other AFC teams a tough go at it but the inconsistency of Marcus Mariota is their biggest worry. If he is able to minimize his turnovers and stay healthy they may have a real shot at winning in the Wild Card weekend.

Offensive MVP: Derrick Henry

Defensive MVP: Kevin Byard