This looks to be pretty one sided with Tom Brady being…….. Tom Brady but Nick Foles has shown that he has the ability to make all the necessary throws to help his team win. There were questions heading into the NFC Championship game but he has since answered them. But with Brady being the technician at the Quarterback position that he is, it would be borderline disrespectful to give the nod to any other guy in these type of scenarios.


Both these teams work with a stable of running backs that gives the team everything they need, whether its inside runs, outside runs or pass catching. This is one of the more even match ups of this years Superbowl. Dion Lewis, James White and Rex Burkhead (if healthy) are formidable but I’d have to give this one to the Eagles with Jay Ajayi, LeGarrette Blount and Corey Clement due to their home run ability.


With these two teams having 2 of the better Tight End in football its only right to include them as we move to the Wide Receiver position. The health of Rob Gronkowski after suffering a concussion from the Barry Church hit in the AFC Championship game is a huge concern. Tight ends aside, Alshon Jeffrey and Nelson Agholor have had good seasons while Torrey Smith has had his ups and downs. So with Chris Hogan now healthy added to Danny Amendola and Brandin Cooks I’ll give the sleight edge to the Patriots.


The Philadelphia Eagles defense has shown that they are the real deal. They have been a top 5 unit all year. Their ability to get after the quarterback and take the ball away is one of the biggest reasons for them being in the Superbowl this year. New England on the other hand has its moments but their defense has been mediocre at its best all season. This one goes the the Birds.


This is another one that looks to be a no brained being as its Bill Belichick, who is recognized as one of the best to ever coach the game but Doug Pederson in only his 2nd season as a head coach lost his starting Left tackle and an MVP caliber Quarterback and is still in the big game. Not to mention he got his top corner just before the year started and his top Running back midway through the season. The accolades Belichick has gives him this one but Pederson just may be your coach of the year.

This game is gonna be a tough one since these two teams both have so many ways to attack their opponent. Its becoming rare to see the two best teams meet in the Superbowl but that is exactly what we have this year. Sunday will be one for the ages. To both teams we wish you good lunch. We at are chomping at the bit for this one to kickoff.