Scarecrowgrin's Fantasy Football 2 Cents ( 9/27/18 )

Scarecrowgrin’s Fantasy Football 2 Cents ( 9/27/18 )

By:Robert L. Porter Jr

Week 3 of the NFL season is a memory now and alot of folks are just happy we escaped without having to swallow another tie.

The Patrick Mahomes (33.26 PPR points) show continued as he lit the 49ers up for 3 more passing TDs but the Magic that Ryan Fitzpatrick (33.14 PPR points) had on his side seems to have faded, somewhat. He tossed 3 first half interceptions but began to find his footing in the 2nd half. Unfortunately his early mistakes were too much to overcome as they spelled defeat for his previously unbeaten Buccaneers.

The 4 Top scorers in fantasy football this week all came from the same game. The Saints vs Falcons overtime game was the 3rd pure shootout in as many weeks (week 1 Bucs vs Saints and week 2 Chiefs vs Steelers). Drew Brees (48.54 PPR points) out dueled Matt Ryan (52.16 PPR points) in a classic that saw RB Alvin Kamara (34.00 PPR points) do what we have come accustomed to seeing him do……… Dominate. 16 carries, 15 receptions and 190 total yards is what he did to help his team get the win but the story of the game was rookie WR Calvin Ridley (40.50 PPR points) who snagged 7 passes for 146 yards and 3 TDs. The emergence of Ridley is what alot of fantasy enthusiast expect from him but just not this soon into his career.

The LA Rams continued to beat up on their opponents as Jared Goff (33.56 PPR points) and Robert Woods (33.70 PPR points) led them to a big win in the battle for LA against the Chargers. Todd Gurley chipped in with 24.60 points as well.

Lets take a minute to recognize a few names that have never graced the lines of our fantasy articles but showed up in a big way this past week. Tyler Boyd (25.70 PPR points) beat the Panthers defense for 6 catches 132 yards and a TD, while Mike Williams (25.10 PPR points) had 4 catches for 81 yards and 2 TDs. These performances stand out more to us because if these kids (Add Ridley to this) can grow into top flight number 2 wide outs (behind A.j. Green, Keenan Allen and Julio Jones respectfully) their teams can really make some noise down the stretch. And last but not least is Bills QB Josh Allen (29.74 PPR points), Allen ended their upset win against the Vikings with 235 total yards and 3 TDs (1 passing and 2 rushing).


QB – Jimmy Garoppolo – 26.34

RB – Giovani Bernard – 19.60

WR – Marvin Jones Jr. – 16.90

This week was much better for our Fantasy Breakout Candidates. It was sad to see Jimmy G go down with the torn ACL but before his season ending misstep he put up 26.34 fantasy points on the Chiefs. Gio Bernard in for the injured Joe Mixon made his time count with 19.60 points and Marvin Jones Jr helped his Lions stun the Patriots with his 16.90 points. Our 3 picks combined for 62.84 points and if you put these guys in your line up its a good chance you scored a win.


QB – Eli Manning – vs Saints

RB – Sony Michel – vs Dolphins

WR – Michael Crabtree – @ Steelers

After our candidates scored just under 63 points in week 3 we are looking for our week 4 selections to give us at least 70 combined fantasy points. Be sure to stop by next Thursday to so if we were able to meet our goal this week.

We would like to thank you for checking in with us and taking in our 2 cents.