2019 NFL Draft Prospect: KYLER MURRAY

2019 NFL Draft Prospect: KYLER MURRAY

Kyler Murray

School: Oklahoma

Position: QB

Height: 5’10

Weight: 207 lbs


Arm talent. Its a well known fact that Kyler Murray had a decision to make on a career in baseball or football, so its obvious that throwing a ball is kind of his thing. The accuracy and shear velocity of his throws combined with his quick release makes this an easy strength to point out. Another strength is his quickness, he’s quicker than fast which actually is better for a Quarterback in the pocket.


His size is the weakness that everyone loves to talk about. His height is an issue but the 207 lbs he’s listed at will be more like 195 lbs when he’s at his playing weight. Our biggest weakness for him however is his inexperience. Murray only made 17 starts in college. We know there has been Quarterbacks thats come in the league with little experience and have excelled but thats still something you have to see before its no longer a worry.


Russell Wilson (but lighter in weight)


1st ROUND (TOP 10)