2019 NFL Draft Prospect: MARQUISE BROWN

2019 NFL Draft Prospect: MARQUISE BROWN

Marquise Brown

School: Oklahoma

Position: WR

Height: 5’9

Weight: 166 lbs


Great feet. This term covers alot of things. Marquise is fast and we all know that but his quickness along with his speed makes him a home run threat on a 60 yard bomb or a 2 yard screen pass. His feet also comes into play with his route running and how crisp he is coming in and of of his breaks. He’s also what they call an effortless runner. He can stop and go on a dime.


He suffered a Lisfranc injury early in 2019 so thats scary for teams to see a speed guy with a foot injury (see Sammy Watkins). Also, he’s a small Wide out so making the contested catch isn’t really where he excels. That same lack of size makes him being a solid blocking wide receiver an far fetched idea.


Brandin Cooks


1st ROUND (20 – 32)