2019 NFL Draft Prospect: ED OLIVER

2019 NFL Draft Prospect: ED OLIVER

Ed Oliver

School: Houston

Position: DT

Height: 6’2

Weight: 287 lbs


Shorter defensive tackle. Being short was long seen as a disadvantage but with the rise of Aaron Donald, the shorter Defensive tackles with explosiveness has an unstoppable advantage when it comes to leverage. With the ability to get inside and under bigger offensive lineman and add the fact of this kids high motor, he has the chance to be one of the premier 3 techniques in the league.


This one is going to feel a bit weird because his size could also be a weakness. We mentioned how he can get inside and out quick an offensive lineman but if the lineman is able to get his hands on Oliver, he could moved out of the play and create huge running lanes. To add to that, the wear and tear of the NFL grind was a question for the shorter Aaron Donald pre draft too but he has since put those questions to bed. Being short is his strength and weakness……….. I will try my best not to take you down this road again lol.


Aaron Donald (but slower)


1st Round (TOP 10)