2019 NFL Draft Prospect: JOSH ALLEN

2019 NFL Draft Prospect: JOSH ALLEN

Josh Allen

School: Kentucky

Position: Edge LB

Height: 6’5

Weight: 265 lbs


Im going to use a Mike Mayock term here…… Josh Allen has a unique speed to power transition. What that means is he can get a quick jump at the snap with that speed  and he has an explosion of power at the point of contact with the lineman in front of him. He also has a good repertoire of moves to get to the opposing quarterback. We spoke about the speed and power but Allen can also throw offensive tackles a curveball with a well timed spin move.


Run defense. With alot of uber athletic Defensive lineman, the hunger to get there makes for a bad run defender. Trample the run while rushing the pass is the ideal mindset but Allen doesn’t seem to have that right now. It can be taught though. Jason Pierre-paul and Demarcus Lawrence learned so we’re sure Allen can do the same. With all that said, the right situation could have Allen as one of the NFL’s elite pass rushers


Frank Clark


1st ROUND ( TOP 10 )