2019 NFL Draft Prospect: NICK BOSA

2019 NFL Draft Prospect: NICK BOSA

Nick Bosa

School: Ohio State

Position: DE

Height: 6’4

Weight: 266 lbs


Much like his older Brother Joey, Nick Bosa has the strength and quickness to get off the line of scrimmage and into the backfield in the blink of an eye. Not many guys come into the NFL with a top notched speed rush and Bull rush but Nick Bosa is undeniably one of those guys. He comes into the league ready to contribute to a teams success on day one.


Nick Bosa’s weakness is actually one simple word……… INJURIES. A torn ACL in high school didn’t stop him from making his way to Ohio state where he was a stand out for his first 2 years but his 2018 season was cut to a meer 3 games due to a groin/abdominal injury. His talent can’t be denied or overlooked but neither can 2 major surgeries prior to his NFL career starting.


Joey Bosa (Brother)


1st ROUND (TOP 10)