2019 NFL Draft Prospect: JONAH WILLIAMS

2019 NFL Draft Prospect: JONAH WILLIAMS

Jonah Williams

School: Alabama

Position: OT

Height: 6’4

Weight: 302 lbs


Versatility is his biggest strength, he started his collegiate career as a right tackle then made the switch over to left tackle. A guy being able to move to either side is always a plus. He also has the ability to play guard. The great footwork he has makes it much easier for him than other lineman to transition to other positions.


Williams has great feet which we touched on and he needs them because he lacks a certain level of athleticism you need as the anchor of the quarterbacks blindside. Being 302 lbs isn’t small by regular people measures but being a 6’4 left tackle makes you alot of things but regular people isnt one of them, he may need to add some weight to be successful. At the combine his arm length was a talking point but we dont believe that will ultimately effect him in any in-game situations.


David Bakhtiari


1st ROUND (15 – 25)